Coaching For Women

This type of coaching is recommended for women whether you’re:

  • a woman who wants more out of life
  • a stay at home mum who wants to return to the workforce
  • a working mum who wants to take control of her life
  • a mum who wants to contribute financially to the household but the thought of going back to work absolutely terrifies you.


Having pondered all these possibilities herself, assisting you to get the most out of life is what Ivana is passionate about.
Ivana is a happily married mum of two living in inner city Melbourne with a career she loves. Ivana too has been unhappy in her career and personal life in general which in turn led to several career changes. There have been times where one aspect of Ivana’s life was great whereas others haven’t been quite so and was subsequently overwhelmed with too much going on.

Nowadays that isn’t the case because of hard work and determination as well as the assistance of those around her, including her life coach.

Ivana is now ready and qualified to help others reach that point in their life too.

If this sounds like something you want, contact Ivana today for an introductory coaching session.