My Top 6 Tips in Finding Your Next Job

November 6th, 2013



So you’ve decided that your current position doesn’t do it for you anymore and you want to leave. But the thought of finding another job is making you really nervous.That is understandable as there is a lot to consider and do when you want to change jobs. These days, finding another job can happen in more ways than one. That is, via job search agencies like seek.com, through a recruitment agency or the job can even find you if you’re head hunted. Whichever way it happens you need to be prepared and below are my tips in making that transition easier.

1. Update your resume. This is an obvious one  and best to get done first and out of the way as you never know when your next job opportunity arises. This is one thing that most people dread doing so a great option would be to hire a professional to do it for you, this is what I did when I transitioned between 2 completely different careers a few years back, it was money very well spent as I believe that it was my resume that secured me several job interviews at the time. Via a google search you’ll be able to find several sites that offer this service at reasonable prices. If you prefer to do it yourself, again via a google search you’d be able to come across free resume templates or you can download my free resume writing tips when you subscribe to my newsletter, you can find the form at the bottom of this post.

2. See a career counsellor or coach. These professionals are particularly helpful when you’re not sure what career path to take or if you need to reassure yourself that you’re headed in the right direction job wise. They can then go on to help you with your resume, job search and interview skills also.

3. Take an online course. Perhaps the job or career you wish to have requires you to possess extra skills like Microsoft Office software knowledge or management skills. It is then a great opportunity while in your current job to update your skills in the evenings or in your own time (a great advantage with online courses).

4. Register with a Recruitment Agency.  Depending on what type of job you want next, a recruitment agency is a great place to start. Most of them cover all types of occupations but there are some that are specific to your particular desire. Recruitment agencies can help you find permanent, casual or temp jobs. Temp jobs would be a great option to ‘try before you buy’ so to speak and it would really help cement your decision to change your career.

5. Set up or update your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is fast becoming the most effective way to network electronically. It is also becoming the preferred way to look for another position or be head hunted. For this reason alone I highly recommend you make having a LinkedIn account  a top priority.

6. Network. Networking whether it be online or in real life is so important. As the old saying goes ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’! Often positions are filled before they’re even advertised by someone who knew someone who worked in the specific company or business. Aside from networking within your current role at places like events and conferences, another way is through meetup.com. Here you can narrow down your area of interest and location and get involved in meet ups that often happen monthly and are a great opportunity to network some more.

Those are my tips in helping you to find your next job, hopefully they’ve enlightened you even a bit. I would love to hear your tips too, so please let me know what has worked for you in securing your next job in the comments below.

Best of luck


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