coaching-for-womanWhat is Coaching?
Coaching is a partnership between the coach and you, the client, whereby the coach assists you to work out what you truly want, helps you tackle any obstacles standing in the way of your goals – and then helps you to celebrate your achievements.

Sometimes you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what it is you want, or how to begin to achieve your dreams. With the help of your coach through open-ended questioning your true desires can be identified in as much detail as needed. Then by setting achievable tasks however small or large depending on your level of confidence especially to begin with, the main goal can finally be realised and achieved. One thing to remember is that by being accountable to your coach, you will find you are more motivated and inclined to complete the tasks that will lead to achieving your final goal.

What Coaching is not
A coach is not a psychologist, psychiatrist, counsellor or any type of psychotherapist. They are not a mentor or a consultant either. A coach does not tell you what you should do, nor do they have the answers. Only you know what is best for you and as your coach, Ivana will help you to figure out what that is.

How/where are coaching sessions conducted?
Coaching sessions will be conducted via Skype or phone.

If it’s face to face coaching, the session will be conducted at Ivana’s office in Albert Park (Melbourne) or in an appropriate coffee place.

How often are the sessions conducted?
It depends on where you are in life or with your goals. On average, sessions are conducted fortnightly but if you prefer weekly or monthly sessions, that can be done too.

If for any reason you need to speak to Ivana in between sessions, then she is available for a “quick chat” via the phone, or you can email Ivana and she’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

How much are the sessions and what is the preferred method of payment?

  • Coaching sessions: Each session (except introductory session) is 1 hour
  • Introductory session: Free (30 min)
  • Sessions thereafter: $180 per session
  • Three sessions prepaid: $495
  • Five sessions prepaid: $795

*NEW* I now offer the following packages in addition to the single coaching sessions mentioned above

  • Start up Package – I Resume Refresh & 1 x 45min Coaching Session: $97
  • Intermediate Package – I Resume Refresh, 1 Interview Simulation & 2 x 45min Coaching Sessions: $197
  • The Works Package – 1 Resume Refresh, 1 Interview Simulation, 1 Confidence Booster Session and 3 x 45min Coaching Sessions: $397

I also offer the following sessions as singles or extras

  • Resume Refresh: $57
  • Interview Simulation: $97
  • Confidence Booster Session: $97

NB: The above packages can be altered/tailor made to suit you

  • Payment can be made either by cash on the day of the session or at the first session when paying for 3 or 5 sessions prepaid. Or Direct Deposit as long as payment is received prior to the session beginning.

*I don’t offer a money back guarantee for my coaching sessions as it is up to the client to work just as hard as I do to achieve optimum results. Instead I offer a 30 minute introductory session free of charge as I want to ensure that the client feels that
I’m the right fit as their coach and that they are 100% committed to make the changes needed to move forward towards a career they desire.

What if I need to cancel or change a session time?
Ivana requires 48 hours notice for cancellations or full fee applies.

Or 48 hours notice for changes to the session time or 50% of fee applies

What are your qualifications?
Ivana has a degree in Health Sciences – Nursing and a coaching certificate (PCCP) undertaken at the International Coaching Academy and has been coaching for 5 years.