What is it about me…

about-usBasically I love to help people. Although that is a very broad concept so let me explain exactly who I love to help and why. In order to do that I’ll give you 3 examples of people I like to help who in effect may just be you…

-You’re a mum who has spent the last 5 years or so at home looking after your gorgeous children who at times frustrate you as much as you love them. BUT, now you feel ready to get back into the workforce for whatever reason, whether that be financial or for professional development. And let’s be honest, the idea of doing so absolutely terrifies you.

-You’re a busy career woman stuck in a job you just don’t like. You’ve been in a rut for some time now but you’re just not sure what to do or if there is anything else out there for you.

-You’re a successful woman happily plodding along in your job day in and day out. Having worked within the same company for several years now when you’re delivered the news you were not expecting – “we’re making your position redundant”. Whaaaat!!

In either of these cases you’d be feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated and possibly very angry.

This is where I’d be absolutely honored if you were to consider me to guide you into sorting out exactly what needs to be done to move you to your next career.

Of course, it won’t be as easy as that. First we’ll have our introductory 45 minute session (which is free by the way) where you (and I) will decide if I’m the right person to help you through the steps that will lead you to your next career.

Even though I follow my own coaching model when working with my clients, I do acknowledge that each individual client is different and the steps required to reach your particular goal will be individually tailored to suit you.

In basic terms

-I’ll help clear the fog that is in your head in order to gain clarity

-Then via our coaching sessions we’ll unleash the right options that are available to you in order to move forward.

-Then by setting achievable goals with timelines, which, let’s face it, you are capable of achieving (I will not force you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with or not ready for) you will then celebrate this success which deep down you know you deserve and which of course is the main reason you hired a coach in the first place.

If this sounds appealing to you but you are not ready or perhaps you want to get to know me better first, then please sign up for my fortnightly newsletter which will include my tips for a better career. It’s free!

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Here is where you can read what others have said about me…

‘Change isn’t always easy even when we want it, and from her own experience Ivana knows that. Ivana is a passionate and warm professional who has made a very positive difference in my life. She truly cares about people and helping them to achieve the best they can. Ivana, thank you for helping me sort through and clear the clutter in my head. Look out life, here I come!’

Patsy Rea – Executive Producer Radio Promotions ABC Radio

‘Ivana was engaged by Shelde to ensure staff satisfaction at work, overall team cohesiveness and communication which in turn improved our customer delivery and ultimately improved the bottom line. I was very impressed with Ivana’s skill when coaching our team. Her approach was sensible yet thought provoking which allowed us all to think outside the square and achieve the results we strive for. We continue to engage Ivana on an ongoing basis.’

Dave Reeves – Managing Director

‘As a result of my relationship with Ivana over this time I can now say that I am working in a field that is more aligned with my core values and hence more gratifying personally. When you find meaningful work other good things flow as a consequence. Other changes that I made in areas other than vocational have also turned out for the best too.

When the path ahead is unclear it is often the questions that are posed to you that make the difference in believing change is possible or just choosing to do nothing for the sake of safety. I am so grateful for Ivana’s support and encouragement and clarity along this journey. Her professional input was invaluable.’

Annabelle – Territory Business Manager, Pharmaceuticals

‘Ivana and I went through our coach training together and we coached one another as part of our program and peer supervision. Ivana is gentle, kind and very understanding whilst having the gift of moving you forward at the same time. If you want someone who will guide you through a coaching journey, support you and ulimately assist you in realising your goals and dreams then I would highly recommend Ivana. She is also an amazing mother and now a good friend.’

Yvonne Anderson – Owner www.safespacecoaching.com

Now, why do I want to help you anyway? In order to answer that, let me tell you a bit about myself.


My Story…

I’m a career coach having done my training (PCCP) with the International Coaching Academy and am also a member of the International Coaching Federation.

In my past I was a registered nurse having worked in large inner city public hospitals and was also in charge of a unit in a busy nursing home. I changed careers to become a medical sales representative and then a medical sales manager then finally a career coach. Through my experiences in having changed careers several times, I believe I have a lot to offer my clients going through career transitions themselves. This along with my nursing background and the fact that I’m an excellent listener led me to deciding on becoming a career coach. Although, first I hired a career coach myself to guide me through my decision making process to ensure that I’d made the right choice in regards to my ultimate career. I haven’t looked back since.

I’m happily married and coping well with the demands of raising 2 small children as well as running my own business.

I believe that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my family, my own determination and several sessions with my very own career coach.

I am now at a point where i feel satisfied and content and my career goal is to have my clients feeling the same way.

Hopefully that will give you enough to help you make a decision, whether it be to book a complimentary introductory session or if you’d prefer to sign up to my newsletters.

Of course, if there is anything else you’d like to know, please refer to the FAQ’s or click on Work With Me. Alternatively you’re very welcome to contact me directly, my details are in the footer.

Thank you for reading.